What is the cheapest way to create different background colors in portrait photography?


Hi, i am beginner in portrait photography and i have seen a lot of different styles of photography backgrounds but i would like to have a very plain background with different colors.

What is the name of the roll of paper that pro use and throw away after each shooting? I heard you can place a color gel on the camera and shoot the background for color effect?

Is there a cheaper way? Thanks






Try sheets. You can buy them at a discount store and use a light setup to create a desired effect. They’re opaque, absorb light, and are generally cheap.

Good luck!

Jackie C

Sheets are definitely quite good, with the right lighting. Apart from that, I would suggest you go to a few local photographic studios and maybe ask the professional if they have any older backgrounds that they are going to throw away. Tell them you are new to photography and you don’t have much budget to work with and maybe they will have something they can donate to you or know somewhere you can get free stuff.

Good luck

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