Is canon 6D good for portrait photography? What’s a good lense I can get for portrait photography?


I just got a canon 6D as a Birthday present. I was wondering if this camera is good for portrait photography and what type of lense is the best for portrait photography. It comes with a 24-105 mm lense which is not too good for portrait in my opinion, because the lowest f-Stop is 4 it doesn’t look that good in portrait but it looks awesome for landscape.



deep blue2

Yes it is good for portrait photography. The most important things for portrait work (apart from the skill of the photographer) is good lighting & good lenses.

I use the following for portraiture;
- 50mm f1.8
- 85mm f1.8
- 135mm f2.8
- 24-70mm f2.8
- 70-200mm f2.8

Lighting needs to be off camera so that direction & quality (via modifiers) can be used.


The camera is quite good. If you are planning to make studio or indoor portrait photography then the lighting is very important as its good use. Off camera flashes and indirect lighting are a “good practice” and there are a few techniques for that. You will be able to make most of the portrait situations with a 50 mm, 18-85 mm, 35-70 mm and even with the 24-105 mm. You should only worry about the aperture limits if you plan to use natural or low light.

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