What should i make my prices for my portrait photography business?


I am starting a new portrait photography business on the east coast and was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to what i should set my prices at? Any advice would be great!



Sweet Serenity

Compare prices to other pros in your area… you don’t want to be too much higher or lower from what they are charging.

I’m in Colorado, and I charge:
8 wallets – $ 25
4×6 – $ 10
5×7 – $ 20
8×10 – $ 40
11×14 – $ 70
16×20 – $ 160
20×30 – $ 250

Candid Chris

Charge what your area will bear, look around see what others are charging.
Taking pretty pictures is fine, do you have any business experience?
The ‘east coast’ is about a thousand miles long. I’m not positive, but what you can charge in Miami may be a lot different from what you can charge in Rockland, Maine.


Consider your time spent shooting as well as editing. Consider your overhead including your liability insurance and all your equipment. You should have a business plan written up that shows you what you need to bring in and how much work you need to do to bring it in. Your prices will reflect that.

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