What are the best filters for portrait photography?


I am a beginner and I am wondering what kind of filters are best for this kind of outside portrait photography. Also what are some other useful things I would need like a flash ect…to have the best portraits. Thanks!




Learn about off camera flash. Portraits typically have 3 principle lights. Each of which is modifed to achieve a desired effect

-main light
-fill light. Gives shadows some details
-rim light, back light, hair light. Lots of names for this one

People use to lije soft filters but now that is done in photoshop.

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MixedMojo is the man on this one!!!

Where to start: PUrchase a GOOD DSLR and a GOOD speedlight. Then put the speedlight away. Learn how to manipulate ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. Then take the speedlight out and re-learn them-flash changes everything.
After that you will need to purchase a GOOD lens because the ones that come with DSLR’s now aren’t so hot at all. You’ll get the idea after you learn to manipulate ISO, Shutter and Aperture properly.
You will also need a good set of strobes for portrait photography. Don’t purchase them until you know what you are doing with ISO, Shutter and aperture!! You will discover that you purchased something you don’t want, need or use and wasted your money!

In the mean time? Start studying composition and the 40 rules of portraiture for starters! Good luck and have fun doing it!


It is all in the software… (used to be the darkroom) after you shoot great content. The better your composition the better material you have to work with.

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